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A statistical window for territorial analysis and strategic business

Edilbox - Database of tenders

The Construction Portal

Visit the Database of tenders containing daily updated information, which is guaranteed to Cresme standard. Over 50,000 calls for tenders and assignments of tenders each year, which can be filtered through personalized searches and received in your inbox on a daily or weekly basis.



Socio-demographic forecasting information system

DemoSI is a demographic information system developed and marketed by Cresme Research, intended to support the strategic choices made by public and private decision-makers, allowing the evaluation of historical dynamics and evolutionary scenario planning of socio-demographic variables on a regional basis.
DemoSI is a set of standardized processes for the development, management, update, analysis and distribution of demographic data. A system developed by Cresme which structures and systematizes the methodologies of analysis and definition of scenario planning, traditionally adopted for studies and researches carried out on specific assignments and with reference to defined territorial areas.



World Construction information system

SIMCO is an information system which provides evolutionary dynamics and scenarios of the international construction sector in 150 countries. Housing, public works, non-residential buildings, investments, indexes of market opportunities, operational context and a vast socio-economic database. Cresme Simco is a key tool for many Italian and international entities who want to improve their knowledge of the various foreign markets and diversify their area of business activity.


National Observatory on PPP

All data and news on Project Financing

The Observatory offers a new database containing daily updated information on tenders. Periodic reports on the performance of the public-private partnership, in-depth information and news on projects and promoters, news, events, regulatory updates and all useful information concerning the public-private partnership sector.


National Observatory on Facility Management

All data and news on Facility Management

The site's primary objective is to provide Institutions, Local Authorities, Companies, financial entities and professionals in the sector with an informative tool able to accurately monitor and describe the Facility Management market in detail in terms of typological, dimension and territory, providing a detailed analysis of the trends of this market in Italy and its related issues. The Observatory also aims to support both public and private operators in the formulation of tenders for the acquisition and provision of Facility Management services. The first kernel realized and made available online by the Observatory refers to the monitoring of the public market.

Osservatorio FM

Strategic Infrastructures

All data on the realization of big projects

SILOS (Sistema informativo legge opere strategiche) is a system which contains data and information relating to all the projects under the Strategic Infrastructure Program (P.I.S.) referred to in law no. 443 of 2001 ("legge obiettivo") and contained in CIPE resolution no. 121 of 2001 and subsequent integrations. The data and information allows you to view the procedural, economic-financial and physical status for each project and component of it. In addition, for each project approved by CIPE, a detailed information sheet is available that, in addition to providing historical data, allows you to see the state of implementation.



European network of construction

On the 24th November 2017 the 84th Euroconstruct conference was held in Monaco di Baviera. Organised by IFO,, the German partner of the European network of construction. .

Conference topics:

  • Mid- term European economic outlook
  • New Construction Market Forecasts to 2020 in 19 countries
  • Two sessions dedicated to Iran and Mexico

Sales potential

All sales data at provincial level

Knowledge of the market and its workings is one of the keys to access the demand. This is the key factor which favours good results regarding availability of a detection and analysis tool, that at fixed intervals monitors the construction industry and the distribution network.
The system provides the following information in tabular and cartographic format:

  • size of the market (physical quantity)
  • market trends (dynamics of the last four years)
  • one-year forecasts

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